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Ostentatious Time-Wasting/

August 20, 2021

I just published a new book, I think it’s my best.

Ostentatious Time-Wasting comprises thirty-four short (or very short) stories about what I learned while attempting (with some success) to dismantle centralized management at the Pentagon and throughout the Federal government. Some of the lessons are things “everybody always knew,” but didn’t often follow; some are profoundly imprinted on my heart. All are useful to living and leading.

Tom Peters called the stories wise, practical, and inspiring. His overall assessment is that “Ostentatious time-wasting is as fine a leadership book as I have read in many many a year.” Philip Howard says that it “shows how a sense of purpose and a healthy disrespect for rules can get good people to a good place.”

And every story is fun to read.