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Rielle’s 15 minutes of fame are up. Can we go on to other things now? Please.

March 17, 2010

Television is a sucker for sex and sexy pictures. It loves a story with legs—both literal and metaphorical. So the saga of Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’s baby mama, goes on and on.

First the denials of an affair. Then admission of the affair but denial of the payments. Then admission of the payments but denial of the fatherhood. Now the exclusive in GQ Magazine: “Hello, America, My Name Is Rielle Hunter,” complete with a photo spread worthy of Playboy’s Playmate of the Month.

Now the USAToday headline: “Hunter ‘in tears’ over ‘repulsive’ photos in ‘GQ’.” Those are the photos she posed for that she labels repulsive.

The photos are quite nice. It’s Rielle and her Johnny that are repulsive. And the media’s intensive coverage and re-coverage. Her fifteen minutes of fame should be up. Bring back Paris Hilton.