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Creating an Ethics-Driven Organization

August 10, 2010

I recently offered a wallet-sized code of ethics to replace — or at least, mitigate — the bureaucratic system of rules, supervision and oversight that stifles initiative and deadens workers’ spirits. The ethical guides were simple:

I will:

· Do my best at work

· Avoid conflict of interest

· Speak truth to power

· Be a good citizen

· Shun any private gain from public employment

· Act impartially

· Treat others the way I would like to be treated

· Report waste, fraud, and corruption

When in doubt, my test is can I explain my actions to my mother or to my child.

Many people are hungry for this sort of simple, straightforward guide and have asked me how they can introduce such a tool in their organizations. Here’s what to do next:

· Decide on your organization’s principles of ethical behavior.

· Print wallet-size cards (plastic is best) and hand them out like crazy.

· Teach: look for coachable moments to align people with the principles.

First, what’s right for your organization? Chances are the code isn’t exactly right for you. Give the workers a chance to own the code. Announce that you’re in the market for a new code of ethics that can fit on a wallet-size card. Offer a $100 prize (your $100!) for the best one submitted, and (more…)