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Genocide vote harms US-Turkey ties—by Steven Kinzer

March 5, 2010

Steven Kinzer understands Turkey as well as anybody. While NY Times bureau chief there he even moonlighted as a disc-jockey on Turkish radio. His excellent piece is in today’s Guardian.

Memo to Congress: Leave the Turks and Armenians alone to bury old enmities

March 4, 2010

Old hatreds die hard. Many Serbs still burn with hate for Muslims over the lost battle of Blackbird’s Field in Kosovo on June 15, 1389. In Great Britain there remains mutual hatred between Catholics and Protestants dating from atrocities of the 17th century. And many Armenian Americans still burn over the massacres and other deaths of 1,500,000 Armenians by the forces of the collapsing Ottoman Empire—the predecessor to modern Turkey in 1915. Turks dispute the number, claiming that 300,000 Armenians were killed and at least as many Turks as the empire descended into chaos and war.

It seems that civilization depends on our ability to put such horrors aside, to consign them to the ash heap of history. That ability is (more…)