Secret Police in Portland!

It’s hard to decide what’s the worst, the most unethical, the most unconstitutional thing of the Trump administration. In my naivete at first I thought it was the bald faced lie about the crowd size at his inauguration. But that was only his first day in office.

The bad things came fast. The attempts to stop the FBI from investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. The sabotage of health care for the poor. I’ve long thought that grabbing infants from their mothers’ breasts at our southern border was the cruelest, the most awful thing.

And then…Portland. While the Courts have long ruled that the President has broad authority over our borders, the Constitution clearly denies local law enforcement powers to the federal government.

But to heck with the Constitution. Over the strong and unambiguous objections of Oregon’s Governor and Portland’s mayor, our Leader has dispatched national troops, their identity secret, to Portland to show his manliness by crushing protests. The secret National police snatch people, some violent, some peaceful, and haul them off in unmarked vans with no process of law whatsoever.

What to call the secret national police? Maybe an acronym; SEcretNAtionalPOlice, the acronym is SENAPO. Maybe it’s more euphonious in another language. Let’s try German: Geheim Staats Polizei. Yes, that sounds right. That’s where our Leader seems headed.

Oh, for the simpler days when he was only snatching babies from their mothers.


2 Responses to “Secret Police in Portland!”

  1. Robert C Aizley Says:

    I thought you went to MIT not Harvard. The article threw me.

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