Special offer on ethics seminars, and on The Ethics Challenge

1) I’ll visit your workplace or school and do a pro bono seminar on either

  • The Ethics Challenge: Essential Skills for Leading and Living, or
  •  The ABCs of Ethical Leadership

If the seminar is out of the LA commuting area I’ll ask you to cover my reasonable expenses.

2) Alternatively (or in addition), you can buy my latest book (co-authored with Mick Ukleja) in hard cover for only $10, with free shipping.

Here are the details on the offers:

Seminars: email me at bobstone17@gmail.com to make arrangements, for

·         The Ethics Challenge: Essential Skills for Leading and Living

This is unlike any mandatory ethics training: no talk about FCPA, SEC, or DOJ. It covers what it means to behave ethically, and how that differs from merely behaving legally or in compliance with the rules. I start with the basics: keep your word and follow the Golden Rule. I finish with three essential skills for living and leading. These skills are easy to describe, not so easy to live, but living them will sharpen one’s ethical sensitivity and make it easier to keep strong and to follow one’s good intentions.


  • The ABCs of Ethical Leadership

The ABCs, are authenticity, buoyancy and conviction. Simple stuff. Authenticity just means be yourself. Buoyancy is raising people up—their spirits and their confidence. And conviction is the absolute absence of doubt. While a leader must be open minded, there are some things that can’t be compromised, and foremost among these is ethics. Not the ethics of traditional ethics training—admonitions against bribery, theft, conflict of interest, or misuse of the organization’s assets—but the ethical principles that we all have known since childhood. These combine in each of us to form our “unenforceables,” the rules of behavior that we have to follow because of what’s inside us, not because some external authority forces us to.

The book: To purchase The Ethics Challenge: Strengthening Your Integrity in a Greedy World, (hard-cover edition), email me with your postal address and I’ll send you an invoice for $10 through Paypal. When you use your credit or debit card to pay Paypal I’ll mail you the book, and I’ll pay the shipping.


Alternatively for $5.99 you can purchase the Kindle version or the Nook version through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, respectively.



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