Brazilian women cheated and paid the price against the US in World Cup quarter finals

It’s nice to see cheaters caught and punished, and especially rewarding when their cheating costs them a victory that was almost in the bag.

In the Women’s World Cup (soccer) quarter-finals Brazil led the US 2-1 with time running out. Brazilian defender Erika (Brazilian players don’t use their last names, presumably because they’re so famous: think Kobe. Wilt, Magic, Manny, etc) faked injury and fell to the ground, writhing and moaning. The delay would rob the Americans of the slim chance they had to tie the game.

Erika was carried off the field strapped to a stretcher, then, once off the field, rolled off the stretcher and raced back into play. (Video here) Not so fast: the referee gave her a yellow card and put three extra minutes back on the clock. The US scored in the extra time, and won on tie-breaker penalty kicks.

The referee got it right this time. Unfortunately the referees don’t get it right every time, and soccer has no instant replay. As a result games often turn on “diving”—falling to the ground to make the ref think you’ve been fouled. Soccer should take the simple step needed to disincentivize diving: examine replays after the game. If the replay irrefutably shows a dive, the player would be suspended, the length of his suspension determined by the severity of his offense. 

Brazil almost won Sunday by diving; ironically the Brazilian men lost last year’s World Cup semi-final to the Netherlands when Dutch star Arjen Robben took a dive and was awarded a penalty kick, which gave Netherlands a 2-1 win and sent Brazil home. This year the Brazilian women were sent home because their own dive was punished.

Soccer is too beautiful and important a game to have its games decided by cheating. Time to clean up its act.


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4 Responses to “Brazilian women cheated and paid the price against the US in World Cup quarter finals”

  1. Jack Marshall Says:

    Right on. This is one reason i dislike soccer…it has no integrity, much like basketball. Fake fouls and injuries have far too much influence in both.

  2. Ethics Bob Says:

    Yes. It’s a shame because both basketball players and soccer players exhibit amazing grace and athleticism…they could cut down on cheating. If only…

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