Muslims celebrate–Newt and Pamela Geller and the hate-mongers should apologize. Don’t hold your breath

The most Muslim city in the US, Dearborn, Michigan, celebrated the killing of Bin Laden as exuberantly as anyplace, according to this article from the Detroit News.

Will the hate mongers of the right apologize? Not very likely.


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4 Responses to “Muslims celebrate–Newt and Pamela Geller and the hate-mongers should apologize. Don’t hold your breath”

  1. Tom Stern Says:

    I hope they do apologize. Once again I feel compelled to point out that the hate mongering is coming from the right. It is also sad that they are attributing the success of the operation to waterboarding and politicizing the victory in an attempt to undermine Obama. It is hard for me to be bi-partisan when I consistently see this kind of behavior!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ethics Bob Says:

    Yes, but not all on the right are trying to undermine Obama on this–at least not yet. Several of the plausible Republican Presidential candidates praised Obama, and apparently so did Rush Limbaugh.

  3. Ed Stern Says:

    Bob, Rush did say a kind word, but it was dripping with sarcasm. Ruch denounced the President for focusing all of the attention on himself. So, I listened to the Presidents remarks. At 2:33 (min:sec), he thanked the military; at 3:34 he credited years of painstaking work by the intelligence community; at 4:17 he said that a small team carried out the raid. At 7:25 he gave thanks to countless intelligence and counterterrorism professionals; and at 7:40 he gave thanks to the men who carried out the operation. The President simply acknowledged that he made certain decisions which were his to make, and he credited everyone else. Rush lied and defamed the President.

  4. Ethics Bob Says:

    Not to defend Rush, who I consider to be a hate merchant, but several commentators wrote that he seemed to acknowledge some reluctant admiration for Obama, in the midst of his ugly criticism. I didn’t see him, so I can’t be sure. I think Obama’s statement was pitch-perfect.

    He made a bold decision to send in the Seals rather than bomb. It could easily have gone wrong. He deserves a lot of praise.,

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