Americans should wholeheartedly support the Egyptian anti-Mubarak demonstrators


The videos from Cairo show happy peaceful demonstrators by the tens of thousands, interspersed with videos of Mubarak supporters battling the demonstrators in a chaotic scene. When the action dies down the TV talking heads ruminate over what outcome would be best for America. Or as Joe Scarborough put it, “Who is behind Door #2?”

Jack Marshall explains in his Ethics Alarms blog why Americans should be uncompromisingly for Egyptian freedom from the Mubarak dictatorship. Simply stated, America’s very meaning is about the rights of all men to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration of Independence doesn’t assert these rights for Americans, it asserts them for all men.

So what’s best for America is an Egyptian government by the people. Whether that government follows the superficially pro-American policies of Mubarak is irrelevant. The Declaration of Independence is what’s relevant. That’s why all Americans should cheer the demonstrations.



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2 Responses to “Americans should wholeheartedly support the Egyptian anti-Mubarak demonstrators”

  1. Ata Says:

    It really does amaze me that a country that stands for freedom, liberty, free speech, hesitates to support the aspirations of a people. It seems to me though that everyone is worried about “Israel”, and cares not for the suffering of the Egyptians!

    I’m with you Bob!

  2. Mick Ukleja Says:

    Said so well. This will compliment Israel, not condemn it.

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