Hooray for the USA women’s soccer team: winning with grace and losing with grace

The USA women’s soccer lost to Japan in the World Cup final on penalty kicks, but what a show they put on! It really seemed like watching a game, complete with sportsmanship and good feelings all around. No diving, no faking injuries, lots of smiles, and a helping hand whenever an opposing player was knocked down.

They played with incredible energy, outplayed the Japanese except when it came to the important area of getting the ball into the net, and were as gracious in losing as they had been earlier in winning. Megan Rapinoe’s speed and passing, Hope Solo’s goal-keeping, and Alex Morgan’s shooting, bode well for next year’s Olympics.

We hated to lose on a penalty shootout, but we were glad enough to get by Brazil on PKs, so maybe we shouldn’t complain. And if the USA team had to lose, who better to lose to than Japan. See you next year in London.


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One Response to “Hooray for the USA women’s soccer team: winning with grace and losing with grace”

  1. GoalBite.com Says:

    Well played, USA!…

    The US women played their hearts out against Japan and they were in long spells the better team. They lost to a cruel lottery of penalty kicks. Post match they showed their class. No grumbling. No wasted tears. As Hope Solo put it:”We lost to a great …

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