Steve Cohen’s “apology”: I’m sorry Republicans took offense when I said they were just like the Nazis


There are lots of reports that Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) apologized for likening the Republican opponents of Obamacare to Nazis, but don’t you believe them. His regret was not for his ugly accusation, but was “that anyone in the Jewish community, my Republican colleagues or anyone else was offended by the portrayal of my comments.”

His complete statement can be found here.

Kudos to Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz, the only people on the left who’ve been willing to say anything against Cohen’s House remarks. Maddow said, “Nothing is like the Nazis,” Schultz said “This can’t be tolerated.”

Tragically, no peep of criticism has come from Cohen’s Democratic colleagues. They remain silent; therefore they approve.



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5 Responses to “Steve Cohen’s “apology”: I’m sorry Republicans took offense when I said they were just like the Nazis”

  1. Roborto Says:—glenn-beck-s-nazi-tourette-s

  2. Ethics Bob Says:

    Roborto’s link is to a rant by Lewis Black on The Daily Show, with explicit video clips, about Glenn Beck’s regular likening of anything liberal or Obama-like to the Nazis, including empathy. Shame on Beck, but that doesn’t make it OK to emulate him in his hatred.

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  4. Jack Marshall Says:

    Right Bob—and Beck is a opinion pundit/ entertainer/ wacko. The standards for elected officials is supposed to be a lot higher.

  5. Ethics Bob Says:

    Very disappointing that no elected officials have publicly criticized Cohen for his incivility.

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