USC’s Lane Kiffin is an ethical hero for releasing Seantrel Henderson

USC and its new football coach, Lane Kiffin, deserve big-time credit for ethical behavior. The athletic department, headed by ex-Trojan great Mike Garrett, has for months been reeling from scandal involving former Trojan stars Reggie Bush and O. J. Mayo, and from the sudden departure of coach Pete Carroll.

Carroll’s replacement, Lane Kiffin, soon looked like a miracle worker, assembling a group of high school seniors that ranked among the top recruiting classes in the nation, headed by 6’8, 337 pound Seantrel Henderson of Saint Paul, Minnesota, everybody’s choice as high school player of the year. Sports Illustrated described Henderson as “probably the most polished lineman of the past decade.” He plays left tackle, the position glorified by The Blind Side.

Henderson has now decided he doesn’t want to go to USC. If he transfers to another school, having signed a formal commitment to USC, NCAA rules require him to sit out for a year before becoming eligible to play. Unless the Trojans release him from his commitment. Which is what Kiffin just did.

Here’s a coach putting the good of the player first. Good news for a fan of both ethics and the Trojans.

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3 Responses to “USC’s Lane Kiffin is an ethical hero for releasing Seantrel Henderson”

  1. Jack Marshall Says:

    But Bob—doesn’t that just encourage student athletes to renege on their commitments, or suggest that the “right thing to do” is allow students to break their agreements while the institution is held to them? Doesn’t sound right or fair to me. What happened to teaching students that a word is a bond, and that living up to a promise sometimes requires sacrifice?

  2. Ethics Bob Says:

    Yep, you’re right. I got it wrong. I stand corrected.

  3. Jack Marshall Says:

    Wow. Are you and I the only bloggers that ever admit they made a mistake? I think so! It’s a lonely club, but I’m proud of the membership.

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