The Phoenix Suns become Los Suns for a day to support Arizona’s Latino community

If you’re in business you don’t want to offend your customers. Not even half of them. That’s why you avoid taking a public position on controversial issues. If asked you just say, “I don’t know about that,” or That’s politics, my game is basketball,” or whatever.

So what do you do when you think your state has acted against “our basic principles of equal rights and protection”? If you’re in business in Arizona you keep your mouth shut. Why alienate the 70 percent of Arizonans who favor the state’s new legislation to crack down on illegal immigrants and those who help them or hire them? Or else why alienate the majority of Latinos who despise the new law?

Why? Because you believe in something and you believe it’s your duty to speak up. Robert Sarver, owner of the National Basketball Association’s Phoenix Suns, had his team wear special jerseys emblazoned with Los Suns for the playoff game on May 5, Cinco De Mayo, the day that Mexican Americans celebrate their Mexican heritage.

Amid the rancor over the new law, Sarver said he was taking the controversial action “to honor our Latino community and the diversity of our league, the state of Arizona, and our nation.”

Hooray for Sarver and Los Suns.


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4 Responses to “The Phoenix Suns become Los Suns for a day to support Arizona’s Latino community”

  1. sasoc Says:

    Melting pot we live, tossed salad we die. Without assimilation into the anglo-saxon culture to which all our ancestor subjected themselves – willingly I might add – our nation will be destroyed from within. Acts of solidarity with a non-assimilating illegal group numbering in the millions are acts of self-mutilation. 70% of Americans understand this. 30% either do not or will gladly watch this country burn.

  2. Judith Ellis Says:

    Sadly, I’m with sasoc.

  3. Ethics Bob Says:

    I believe in the melting pot too: my bearded great grandfather would be shocked that his descendant speaks no Yiddish and doesn’t go to shul. And the melting pot needs people from all over, who today speak Farsi, Tagalog, Arabic, Swahili, or Russian–and whose children will be Red Sox or Laker fans, eat chili, pizza, corned beef, sushi, hummus, and speak like natives (which they will be) and get elected councilman, governor, and President.

    Let’s honor the legal immigrants and treat the illegals with a touch of human decency.

  4. Judith Ellis Says:

    “Let’s honor the legal immigrants and treat the illegals with a touch of human decency.”

    Ah, I love this statement, Bob. Thank you much.

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